More Than Venice

Birmingham’s Strategic Marketing Agency

Helping you Get Online, Grow Visibility and Gain Market Share

More Than Venice marketing agency operates in contrast to the traditional arms-length digital marketing agency that drops a report every month without delivering any insight to help you improve. We invest in helping you grow and realise the potential of your business.

Real consultancy, real insight, real partnership.

We don’t use account managers, we partner you with an experienced consultant who is there to look out for your best interests, not just balance our resources. When you grow, we grow together.

Our marketing consultancy and insight process places your business at the heart of what we do, with tracking, measurement and insights delivered to you.

Marketing counsultancy and insight process map

Real, human communication and valuable insights every month.

Starting with consultancy to understand your needs and desired outcomes, service delivery is agreed up-front and measured over time. Things that work go straight back in to the delivery stage, because everything is tracked and measured, things that aren’t so successful can be refined, or replaced.

Marketing Services

Marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimisation

Content Marketing strategy

Social Media strategy

Every marketing service can be delivered by More Than Venice or your in-house team, but the way we work with you won’t change.

We believe strongly in building your in-house capabilities to carry out marketing campaigns and manage them effectively. That’s why, unlike most other agencies, we’ll invest in helping you build your own internal team if that’s the direction you want to go.

However the partnership is configured, More Than Venice will always report on outcomes and deliver insights through expert consultancy.

Marketing Philosophy

The More Than Venice marketing philosophy embraces continuous improvement to achieve marketing excellence.

We’ve developed a framework that supports our philosophy that can be broken down into three parts. Each part of the framework represents key business outcomes all organisations need to pursue:

Get Online triangle

Get Online – create a strong online presence to start your business or refresh an existing brand

Grow Visibility triangle

Grow Visibility – put your business on the map, grow your prospect and customer base

Gain Market Share triangle

Gain Market Share – integrate marketing with sales, operations and a high performing website to help grow your market share

If you’re not online, where are you?

If you’re not growing your business, what are you doing?

If you’re not gaining market share, you’re losing it!

Approaching your challenges strategically, every one of our marketing services fits into one, two and sometimes all three parts of this framework.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) hits every marketing need playing a key part the More Than Venice framework of Get Grow Gain. Get your business online and ranking on Google, plus other major search engines like Bing and Duck Duck Go. Firstly for your brand name, then your targeted, competitive keywords.

Offering SEO services to companies in Birmingham, we rank websites on major search engines, tracking and measuring results for keywords locally and globally.

Using More Than Venice SEO services, you will create valuable content, distribute it to your customers on the platforms they want to consume it and get them coming back to your website.

Improving your on-page SEO is always the first priority, making sure any issues on your website are addressed in a logical order. The content and promotion to grow your visibility will gain links from websites that will bring you more traffic, brand visibility and ultimately, higher rankings.

If you’re looking for an SEO agency in Birmingham, you can trust us to partner with you and deliver real strategy, real insights and real growth through the power of SEO.

Let’s aim for the top of page one.

Data Driven Marketing

Track, measure and improve.

Know where you’ve been and where you are now to know where you’re going. The most important part of setting up a strategy is to track progress. Is the data side of marketing sexy? Maybe not as much as the production side, but creating to just look busy is not being strategic.

If producing great content is your thing, keep doing that and leave the tracking and analytics to More Than Venice. Our speciality is executing SEO strategy, tracking website traffic and the SEO benefit of the work you do with social media, email marketing, podcasts and video.

Birmingham Growth Agency

Birmingham, industrial powerhouse of the Midlands has more canals than Venice. The UK’s second city was at the centre of the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th century.

Those of us alive today are about to see an advancement in technology the like of which the world has never seen. We’re convinced the coming decades will see a huge amount of creativity, leading to even larger economic opportunities.

We’re Birmingham’s growth agency, supporting local businesses to grow in the digital revolution, just as they experienced growth in the industrial revolution.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy

Ready to develop your marketing strategy?

You know your business is great and your customers know it too, but without giving proper thought to marketing and presenting the best side of your company online, you’re missing out on loyal customers.

Get on the More Than Venice canal to success by doing these three things: Get Online, Grow Visibility and Gain Market Share today.