Birmingham’s Canal Network

A great unique selling proposition for the city


Birmingham’s Unique Selling Point (USP) could also be:

  • Spaghetti junction
  • New Street Station
  • The Rotunda
  • Being the UK’s second city
  • Having the largest local authority in Europe

There are many things Birmingham can choose from. In it doesn’t hurt a city to have a lot of different things as selling points. Birmingham has so many selling points but only one of them can be chosen as the unique selling point.

What’s Your Unique Selling Point?

You shouldn’t list more than three unique selling points, and by definition should only have one. We’re all proud of our business but we need to find that one thing. That one area that really brings value to our customers. Why should they choose you over the competition?

More Than Venice are here to help you make the most of your USP and turn it into pounds. You can discover your USP by asking the simple question ‘why?’ as we explained to the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup.

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Birmingham has more canals than Venice; what’s your unique selling point?

Let’s find out

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