Blog Copywriting

Create strong, branded content that demonstrates the knowledge and expertise of your business

Blogging, an important part of Content Marketing, is about creating relevant topic clusters of information your ideal customer needs and wants to know. Show don’t tell is the mantra and blogging is one of the best ways to show.

Show instead of telling and do so in a way that encourages your prospects to make an enquiry after discovering you for themselves.

Blogging isn’t just writing about random topics with tenuous links to your brand, banging out as much content as possible. Maintaining a blog is all about strategic positioning and addressing the wants, needs and concerns of your prospects. Focusing on questions and topics your prospects will be searching for and showing them how efficient and high quality your company is. In the end, it leads to increased sales, either directly, or by making things easier for your sales team.

Blogging Strategy

Far from publishing at random, hoping some of your blogs will pay off, a strategic approach is essential to your success. In addition to identifying important keywords and creating content around important topics, More Than Venice also approaches the strategy behind blogging through two types of content you need to create.

There has to be a want and a need behind every piece of content you create, that is driven by the why of your prospects.

The want comes from the customer and is demonstrated through the searches they perform on Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go et al. Your potential customers have questions and if you can answer them, they’re ready to digest the information they need to know before they’ll work with you.

The need comes from your side. Customers need to know your

  • Special capabilities
  • Certifications
  • Website security

Developing both types of content, sometimes combined in different amounts into a single piece of content is an essential process throughout the sales funnel. Each piece of blog content must then connect with each prospect’s why. They don’t want your solution because it’s the most technologically advanced, they want it because of what it will allow them to achieve, or even a feeling they’ll get as a result.

The format of each piece of content  depends on the question being answered, what your potential customer would expect to see, the best way to present that information, your ability to produce specific formats of content and your budget.

Implementing an effective blogging strategy can be complex, crossing over into SEO keyword research, social media marketing and Pay Per Click advertising to see the best possible results.

Start optimising your blog strategy.

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