Segmenting An Audience To Reveal Qualified Leads

When you know your target audience, it’s possible to segment them effectively and reveal qualified leads.

University Frames Facebook Marketing

This is a great example from University Frames who offer professional frames for all university graduation certificates. They used the targeting options Facebook offers to provide a product specifically to its target audience.

Facebook can be a great place for you to market your business if your audience is there and it provides the opportunity to send targeted advertisements based on the information they have added to their profile. You may not think your audience is on Facebook, but they probably are, you just need to approach them in a different way because they may not be in business mode while using it.

For University Frames, it’s highly likely that their audience of university graduates will probably be on Facebook.

If a Facebook user has their university listed on their profile, this information can be used by an advertiser to communicate with them. University Frames targeted its advert to university students and in the campaign image shown below, we can see this one was aimed at graduates of Liverpool John Moores University.

degree frame advert

A lot of graduates may have their degree certificate tucked away in a drawer at home, so offering a professional frame is a service thousands of people may be interested in. The copy of the advert prompts the graduate to frame their degree and the image is specifically of a Liverpool John Moores certificate.

With the ability to target universities on a specific basis offered by Facebook’s targeted advertising, University Frames will no doubt have targeted other universities throughout the UK. When targeting other universities, they can include relevant artwork.

Your Marketing Actions

If you know your audience intimately, you can consider Facebook advertising immediately. If you’re not quite sure who your target audience is and where they are, you need to adequately build that image.

With Facebook PPC advertising, you can target geographical location, age, gender, interests and of course the university a user attended to help you execute campaigns that will reach the specific segment of your audience you need to reach.

With a well written message and images that speak directly to your audience, you can run an extremely profitable campaign.

  • Know your audience
  • Segment your audience
  • Craft messages designed for a specific segment

Advertising on digital platforms can be the most cost effective way to reach your audience. To make the most of it, you need to understand who wants your product and build up a picture of them. With this picture, you can make best use of the data available and get your message in front of exactly the right people which will increase your conversion rate.