Boost Your Website And Airbnb Listings

The secret to using your property management website and Airbnb listings to multiply new customer acquisition rates is here. Too many letting agents are missing out by not having an effective strategy to consistently gain new customers.

During our work with a Birmingham letting agent who utilises Airbnb for short-term lets on some of their properties, we found a rival company focused on stuffing keywords into their Airbnb listing. They have an Airbnb URL for their company page as follows: ‘/bedroom-home-showers-great-location’.

Doing something like this will get a one-time short-term boost at best. Because the page created can’t even be found on Google (though there’s no reason to assume Google hasn’t visited it), they’ll only see a benefit on the Airbnb website’s search. Rather than a company page, it’s actually individual listing page for each property that is usually ranked on search engines and they use numbers in their URLs.

We’d recommend you always use your business name everywhere you work online, including on Airbnb. Make sure your name, address and phone number is also correct on your Airbnb profile. The aim is to build on a long-term strategy across multiple platforms, not just one.

Of course the Airbnb website will be a source of leads for your properties. One of the biggest sources of leads for your website, however, is Google. When potential customers start a search on Google, you also want your listings to appear there.

Create an integrated Airbnb marketing strategy, to make sure your Airbnb profile, Airbnb listings and your website work together to the greatest effect. It’s your website that will really put your listings in front of customers.

Airbnb Brand Mentions

In SEO, having brand mentions online is a really useful way to help search engines understand who you are and eventually give you a beautiful knowledge panel.

You will have worked on your website to rank for:

  • your brand
  • your location
  • your industry

Your goal should be to get your brand name mentioned in as many places as possible, so make sure it’s your brand name you include in your listing URL. Make sure you mention the name of your brand multiple times in your listing. We don’t believe in specific keyword densities, but repetition is also good for human eyes too.

That brand mention is a signal to Google and other search engines that your business is recognised by others. When you’re mentioned on several property websites, that’s a big signal that your brand name is related to property and thus help your website to rank higher for such queries.

Using Your Website With Airbnb

Brand mentions on other websites like Airbnb are great, so here’s how you can use your website to get even more out of them. First of all, make sure your business name, address and phone number is identical in both places.

On your website, add a re-written version of all of your Airbnb listings including images. This means you should include some boilerplate to tie both your Airbnb website listing and your website’s listing together. You should also include some unique description copy and some unique images. Of course, include a link to your Airbnb listing also.

This will cement the recognition search engines have made that your Airbnb listings are really associated with your business. Any new listings should rank quicker and instantly be associated with your location and target audience. All this progress will be thanks to the work you have done on your website.

Airbnb Strategy

Your strategy should always be about building your brand. But when you start adding keywords to your listing on Airbnb’s website, you’re heping to build their brand. Airbnb doesn’t need keywords like ‘/bedroom-home-showers-great-location’. You need those keywords to help your website rank by helping Google associate it with those keywords.

Because they’ve worked on their SEO, Airbnb are going to rank for property rental related keyowrds no matter what. Your profile page (if it even appears on Google) is one of many thousands and any work you do helping your Airbnb page to rank only really helps Airbnb. Use your time more effectively to boost the relevance of your own website.

As we’ve always said, the best strategy is to build your brand on the solid base of your website which you control, not on Airbnb. If Airbnb go out business tomorrow, your website will still exist. If they restrict your account, inadvertently remove your listings, or ban you, you’ll still have your website to bring in leads.