Business Positives out of Negatives

Hail & Fail

#6 30th March 2017

Emirates Airbus A380

Turn negatives into positives that will benefit your business in the long run. If you can always find an opportunities in things that look like roadblocks, business growth is assured. On the other hand, in our Fail, we see how you could shoot yourself in the foot by choosing an image that doesn’t match the content you’re talking about.


Ban Voyage

Turning a negative into a positive is a great way to promote your business. This is especially the case with the many opportunities social media offer us to reach thousands of people quickly and easily. It is also less difficult for us to make our own images that match our campaign.

Let’s take a look at the recent reaction to changes in the type of equipment allowed on flights from specified countries. In this case, electrical devices larger than a mobile phone have been banned for many flights destined for the United States.

Airlines like Emirates and Royal Jordanian have been putting their best foot forward and taking a light-hearted approach to the ban their passengers will now face. Fun and good humour can go a long way on social media.

Instead of posts that only inform customers of the ban, humorous posts like:


Earn a lot of likes and re-tweets on Twitter.

Marketing Actions

A new law or regulation, fair or unfair, productive or potentially damaging to your business can provide a great opportunity to get your message across. Use both positive and negative aspects of the law or regulation to inform your target audience. Then you have a great chance to entertain them with the way you deliver that message.

We remember the (formerly) new F-Gas regulation 517/2014 that came into effect on April 16th 2014. Those regulations represented a huge change for the industry. The regulations were necessarily tough in order to protect the environment and came with a tough deadline to match.

Compliance had its challenges, but for service companies specialising in air conditioning, the new regulation was also an opportunity to provide your prospects with vital information to ease their concerns over F-Gas 517/2014.

Customers needed to get their appliances checked. You needed to make sure you understood F-Gas and how to treat waste gasses. It was a great opportunity to create educational content about the regulations for everyone. The number of customers you could gain by positioning your company as responsible and environmentally friendly should not be underestimated.

Not everyone is comfortable reading through pages and pages of regulations. There are different ways to get your message across.

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Videos

Once you know the message you’d like to put across, you’re ready to pick a format.

  • Change means valuable new opportunities
  • Share your knowledge to grow your reputation
  • Offer your services to help your prospects stay on top

The key is to welcome change and use both positive and negative changes to drive your business forward.



Picky Pictures

Images are a very important part of everything we do in digital marketing. The rise of the meme has even found itself into the business world and sometimes on LinkedIn.

I will look you up on LinkedIn and I will find you memeRecently on LinkedIn, we saw a post by a British recruitment company offering opportunities in Birmingham. Of course, they included an image which should increase engagement.

The post was great. It had a nice call to action, contact details and a great image. Why wouldn’t you click through if you were looking for a job in Birmingham?

recruitment post about jobs in Birmingham

What an attractive skyline Birmingham has. We can see that from the picture above. Unfortunately, the picture is not from Birmingham in the UK, it used a picture from Birmingham in the United States.

Were the recruitment company looking for anyone already living in the US? No, the contact number is from Birmingham, UK. Were they looking for people that wanted to relocate to the US? No, their client is a leading UK company based in Sutton Coldfield.

To natives of the region, the image clearly is not Birmingham in the West Midlands. For anyone not familiar with the city, this type of mistake is easy to make.

Images Build Credibility

Choosing the wrong image could create problems for you. Perhaps not so much in a LinkedIn post, but certainly on a website, where visitors can take just a few seconds to decide if they want to do business with you or not.

As a professional in an industry that requires great expertise, you can lose all credibility allowing the incorrect images to be used on your website or social media.

If your marketing agency has no experience in your industry, this is something you will need to check for yourself. Trust is something that is difficult to build up but can be broken very quickly.

Marketing Actions

Use images as much as possible in everything you do. A simple LinkedIn update with text only can be missed easily.

Be sure to choose the images you use carefully. For your social media outreach, it only takes a few seconds to check that the image you’re using is the correct one. For your web projects, make sure you check your agency’s work as mistakes are easily made if they don’t specialise in your industry.

  • Use images to make you more noticeable
  • Check your images before you use them
  • Make sure your mistake is not what makes you stand out

People from Birmingham and the West Midlands may have ignored the recruitment consultant’s post because the image did not match what they were expecting to see. Then again, a recruiter may not be expected to be an expert in geography and there are always people looking for a new job, so there was probably no lasting harm done.

For you in your business, you can’t afford to make the same mistake; especially not with technical or safety critical areas. Make sure you check the images you use and where they’re placed for best results.



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