Flyers Still Connect With Audiences

Hail and Fail

#9 20-4-2017

eHo Chef service, promoted with printed flyers, allows you to enjoy a great meal cooked by a talented chef in the comfort of your own home

Is print dead? I can hear you all asking why a digital marketing agency would hold up an example of a printed leaflet as great digital marketing.

Digital is our specialism and our passion, but we never underestimate the potential of print (and other types of) marketing to get in front of customers to drive sales; and neither should you. We’re all about driving sales, so let’s take a look at a real example of how we can do this using a printed flyer


Flyers Still Connect With Audiences

Recently when at an event in London, we were impressed with a great proposition for an extremely useful service. The eHo Chef service allows you to enjoy a great meal cooked by a talented chef in the comfort of your own home. This could be the start of a revolutionary culinary movement.

The premise behind eHo Chef is that across London, many people go out to eat, but in every hone, there is a kitchen that has been ‘left unused and neglected’. Why not stay at home and be treated to a great meal by London’s ‘abundance of talented chefs and cooks – from skilled home cooks to accomplished amateurs and seasoned professionals’?

eHo Chef‘s visuals are very clear and simple, showing you how it all works. Choose a menu, set a date and enjoy the meal. Sounds like a great idea. The problem many great new ideas have is finding new customers to build the business.

The internet is a great way to get new customers quickly, but it can also help to use offline, printed methods to drive customers to your online presence. Digital marketing follows on from traditional print in many ways. This includes finding where your prospects are to get your message in front of them.

Target Your Audience Where They Congregate

In order to build a strong customer base, we need to get our message in front of our prospects. eHo Chef have decided to use London as their start-up city which is a great idea with such a large, varied population.

Their business is focused on a London for now . We imagine that if it takes off in London, it could be expanded to other cities in the UK, then internationally. The stage that eHo Chef is at now, focuses on customer acquisition.

High-quality card leaflets were being given out at an early evening event that started at 7:00pm and finished at 9:00pm. This is a reasonable time to assume a lot of people in their target audience would usually be coming home from work at.

Many people in the audience would have come straight from work and planned to go out for a meal with their friends after the event. In the digital world, this would be looking at the channel your target audience use and putting your message across to them at the right time. Are they on Facebook or LinkedIn, for example? Do you need to schedule a social media post for maximum effect?

The leaflets we received were targeted to theatre goers specifically as opposed to being handed out on the street or posted through letterboxes. In this way, eHo Chef could be sure that the people getting them were people that liked to spend evenings out, possibly in groups and were likely to visit a restaurant soon after.

Integrating Print and Digital

Now eHo Chef have located their potential customers, they need to get them to sign up online. This is where they managed to integrate print and digital really well. Let’s take a look at the front of their leaflet.

New customers are needed to make eHo Chef a success, but the one thing we can’t do, is sign up on the leaflet. In the old days, there might have been a fax back form or a small section to complete our details and post it back.

This flyer lets the reader know that this is an online business. There’s no phone number and no postal address to waste time and space. The reader is presented with a website at the bottom and an eHo Chef coupon code for 20% off the first eHo Chef booking with the code ‘WHOSCOOKING20’ to be used at checkout.

After stripping away every unnecessary distraction like phone numbers, having the the website address alone would be great, but offering a coupon code is taking it to the next level. Give your audience a worthwhile incentive to try your service and they will be more likely to do so.

Marketing Actions

Print is not dead. Printed marketing materials have their place and can assist you with brand awareness, customer acquisition and many other types of marketing campaign.

One of the most important things you should consider when undertaking a print based marketing campaign is how you are going to track results. After tracking, you need to give serious thought to where and when you plan to execute the campaign.

Segment for Success

Many people neglect the timing and the distribution location. Let’s take a minute to imagine a company in the Electrical industry. ACME Testing Co. may send out leaflets in a specific area offering Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), but without doing any research into that area.

The campaign was a huge success, making a profit of £8,000. But it turned out that only 10% of the addresses in ACME Testing Co.’s campaign were business addresses. Instead of sending generic leaflets to everyone, what could have been achieved by targeting the right audience with the right message?

If ACME Testing Co. had targeted the industrial area which has 90% business addresses with their PAT campaign, their profit margin would have been a lot greater. If ACME Testing Co. Wanted to make the most of the residential addresses, they should have sent them a leaflet with a message specifically for domestic consumers.

It can be cost effective to deliver leaflets to everyone in a particular area or even an entire city, but if your campaign is more highly targeted, you will increase your profit margins. You just need to know your audience and target them effectively. In this regard, print is no different to digital.

Segmenting Customers: An Example

Once ACME Testing Co. have identified the type of prospect they have in a given area, they will know what product and message to market in that area.

Why not follow their example? Make sure you understand your customers and how your services will benefit them. Services for installation, maintenance and repair of electrical appliances should be targeted to the most relevant prospects for the biggest wins.

In Birmingham, for example, there are areas with a lot of students, some with mostly private homeowners and the City Centre has a growing number of apartments.

Let’s use Birmingham as a quick, simple example of how you could set up simple segments for:

A) Residential

B) Commercial

C) Industrial

Purple -Residential
Blue – Commercial (and rented appartments)
Grey – Industrial

This hypothetical example is based on areas in Birmingham. You will be able to send in specific postcodes so your map would look a little different from the above.

Just so you can get an idea of how a map might be segmented, Each area will be more fruitful for different services. You might want to go for student accommodation, areas with large numbers of rented accommodation or private homeowners.

Would you offer services for installation in an area with a high percentage (say 80%) of rented accommodation? Most people there will not be authorised to make changes to their accommodation. You could make enough sales to justify the campaign, but it could have been more effective.

Perhaps you could send literature to areas where a lot of people rent asking “has your landlord completed his gas safety checks? We offer competitive rates and a refferal scheme” or something similar. A message like this that isn’t focused on an immediate sale could get you In front of landlords who will invest in your services.

By segmenting your audience, you can send the right message to the right people in the right place.

Why Print Still Works

Leaflets are a great way to reach your target audience. One of the best things about them is that they’re personal in this age of digital outreach. Print still works because you get something to hold in your hand and take with you. It’s that physical connection in an increasingly digital world.

The event we attended was during the early evening at Leicester Square Theatre and was filled with many people from across London. The leaflets were handed out as part of the literature for an event we wanted to attend.

Because, as an audience, we all wanted to be there, we were warmer to receive the eHo Chef leaflet along with a programme. Handing out flyers on the street or delivered to houses would have lacked context, making them less likely to be received well.

The service provider eHo Chef clearly wanted to target people who enjoy taking part in London events and might want the opportunity to enjoy a quiet night in and still enjoy the amazing cuisine London has to offer.

Large companies that sell products will buy demographic data to see who is more likely to buy from them. They have a specific customer profile and can buy the names and addresses of people who have given consent to be contacted by post and live in those areas.

Print marketing that takes things to a higher level of quality works because the prospects are highly targeted in their homes or offices with high-quality letters, packages and giveaways. Once you have a highly targeted audience, you can fully understand the cost of conversion and how much you’re willing to spend to acquire them.

  • Understand your audience
  • Segment your audience
  • Provide a message targeted to your segments

A printed leaflet with great design combined with a great message will equal great conversions. Make sure you understand your target audience and where you can find them to make the most of your marketing.

Never underestimate the potential of having a lot of people in the same room. It’s possible that they share things in common that would make them great prospects for your business. If you know you can find your prospects at a given event, get your message in front of them.

With a clear message and strong call to action, you are sure to gain new custom and take your business to the next level. A well-planned campaign will assist your expansion into new geographical areas. To help you do this, getting a comprehensive review of your marketing with tips for improvement would be the next step.



Is print going to come back and kill digital? Let us know if you’ve managed to successfully combine the online and offline world successfully in the comments below.