Great Landing and Email Subscription Pages

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#7 6-4-2017

Landing pages and email subscription confirmation pages vital to the success of your digital marketing efforts.

Landing pages and email subscription confirmation pages are vital to the success of your digital marketing efforts. Your landing page needs to convert and if your goal is to get new subscribers for your email marketing list, you need to make sure the confirmation page is well optimised to get the most out of your new subscriber.

Example of a Great Landing Page

Inoformative page by Dynamic Heating Services (DHS)

They finish off with a great call to action. They want the visitor to give them a call, email or request a callback.


DHS’s boiler warning signs page is great because it offers several options. Even better is that all options are to contact DHS.


Their email signup confirmation page even has a ‘go back’ button, which is great. In fact, all of their marketing is pointing in the right direction.



Getting More Value From Email Sign-up Pages

Setting marketing goals is an essential part of effective marketing. One of the marketing goals you might choose for your business is to increase the number of email sign-ups. Instead of just going for one goal, the sign-up, how about getting more page views and time on site at the same time?


You can do this by offering the visitor some content directly after they’ve signed up. If they’re wiling to sign up to your email marketing list, they’re probably happy to look at some more of your website. Why not give them something to look at right away with a link to return to what they were reading previously just like DHS?


On most sites we’ve signed up for,  on the page they’ve been re-directed to to encourage them to keep browsing the site.

We have seen indications that those signing up will click the back button if they want to continue reading, but why not


Marketing Actions

  1. keep them on the content they clearly wanted to read


  1. Show them some of your latest content which will help your time on site and number of pages viewed.



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