Hail & Fail

Hail & Fail is our weekly look at marketing, presenting great examples vs examples that could be improved. The example could be a campaign, advert, email, website, social media post or anything else marketing related.

The purpose of Hail & Fail is to explore marketing tactics and give you inspiration to take the best bits and apply them to your marketing efforts.

Examples could be taken from any time in the past, but priority will be given to the latest stories.


The Hail is an example of something that provides a great example of marketing best practice that could be adapted and implemented immediately with little or no changes made.hail-trophy

This example of best practice will be taken from different levels of marketing. One week, the example could be from a large corporation, the week after, we might have an example from a local corner shop.


This is an example of marketing that isn’t quite right. It’s not an opportunity to suggest ways that marketing could be executed better than it was in the example provided.

For every example in this category, we will offer suggestions on how you could improve and adapt the example.

Don’t be too busy to change. Always learn and implement whatever you can, no matter how small it may seem at first.

Why is it Called Hail & Fail?

We needed something catchy that would roll of the tongue. ‘Examples of Amazing Marketing Alongside Examples of Marketing That Could be Improved and How You Could Adapt Them to Your Business’ just wouldn’t cut it as a title. Although such a long title would sum up what we’re trying to do, it wouldn’t be interesting or easily shareable.

Hail & Fail has a ring to it because it rhymes, it’s easy to say and memorable. We can also tweet about it using the hashtag #HailnFail which works much better than a hashtag based on a longer title.

Let’s Improve Our Marketing


Marketing is all about improvement, so let’s look at and use the examples to improve what we do at work.

Hail & Fail will be published every Thursday, but email subscribers will get an email exclusive with extra content on Wednesday.


How does More Than Venice Hail & Fail? We’re always happy to hear what you think we do well and what we could improve on.

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