Show Your Audience Why You’re The Best Choice

Showing your audience why you’re the best choice is the way to go because showing is always better than telling.

This mini marketing strategy case study takes a look at Guardian Environmental and their Twitter header image used on their Twitter page @GuardianEnviro. It does the perfect job of showing the problem and solution they offer to their audience directly.

Guardian Environmental Twitter head image

One of the best things you can do in marketing is show your audience rather than telling them. People are much more likely to remember something visual rather than just words that are meaningless until put them into action. How many times have you encountered someone promising you that they can ‘save you money’ on your utility bills, tax or insurance?

The header image itself elicits a response from the person viewing it. The viewer can immediately see that a lot of extra work will be removed from their busy schedule if they choose Guardian’s services.

If Guardian had said:

“If you choose us, you don’t need to have a lot of different companies. Dealing with one is easier”


“we make your life easier and more efficient because you only need to deal with one company instead of 12 separate companies. 12 separate ways of working, 12 separate invoices, 12 different organisations to align with. With Guardian, you can deal with one company that understands your needs.”

What would be the result? As well as taking a lot longer for you to read than looking at the Twitter header image, it’s easily forgotten and not as easy to believe. Guardian Environmental have shown its audience the value it can deliver.

Marketing Actions

Although there is always a need for words as a way to communicate, it’s equally important to show the benefits prospects can expect from you.

When trying to connect with your audience, instead of just saying “avoid processing 12 separate invoices” or “don’t waste you admin time having to approve 12 different invoices, just approve one”. You could write a story about how using a single company has helped to make their business more efficient. Such stories are often produced in the form of a case study which an experienced copywriter can bring to life.

Use Infographics

Infographics are great and a very popular way to connect with your audience. They allow you to use graphical representations of statistics to make your point. This is telling with a very visual element.

example infographic blue

Above is an example of a style and some common elements of an infographic. Creating a similar infographic would help you to break up a large report and could be shared independently of your report or blog post.

Use Images And Videos

Another way it would be possible to connect with your audience and demonstrate your value to them could be through a comic strip or a video. In fact, through the production of a video, you may end up with a comic strip developed from the storyboard. That’s two memorable pieces of content from one. The video may be hosted on YouTube, but you could embed it within your website and the same goes for the comic strip.

You also need to create images that will be absorbed instantly to the viewer’s subconscious and use those images on all social media networks. The most effective position is at the top of your social media page. The top three social platforms for business all allow you to add a header image to your profile.

  • Change plain text into stories
  • Create infographics
  • Make videos
  • Add images that make your point instantly
  • Show, don’t tell
cool story bro meme

Remember to always tell cool stories. Humour and a light-hearted style can often help to get your point across.