Sponsorship And Promotion With Partner Websites

Promoting your business through sponsorship and promotions on partner websites is a great way to gain traction. There are great ways to earn links back to your website, opens up the question of link building and how we should go about it.

There are people out there who will contact you and try to get you to purchase advertising, partnerships and opinion pieces they wil host on websites they own or are owned by their clients.

Link Building

Link building is still an important part of having a website and getting traffic to it. The way link building is done, however, is very different from the early days of the internet.

Links to a website are seen as a vote for that website. Google and other search engines used links as a major factor in deciding how high to rank a website and so people would get links from anywhere they could and however they could. The more links you had, the higher up your website would appear in the search engine’s rankings.

Today, rather than getting as many links from as many places as possible, we need to get links that are from sites that would have a genuine reason to link to us. Websites related to our niche or that would logically want to place a link to our website. This is because search engines can now understand when we’re building links to be popular and when we’ve earned a link form a reputable source.

But never mind Google, if you’re going to put effort into getting links, it’s much better to get them from a source that will send prospects to you that are interested in your products and services.

One of the best ways to get people linking to your website is to create valuable and interesting content. Infographics work and so does unique research with data. People love data and with an interesting enough topic, you’ll get lot of links. Even if you only get a few links, a few from the right sources will really help your rankings.

However, your ultimate goal should be to get more traffic coming to your website from the links you build.

Link Earning

It could be great for you to establish a partnership with suppliers of spare parts or other product that visitors to your website may be looking for.

As a service management company, you might offer to provide or be asked for a testimonial. It’s usual for companies to link to some of their customers via testimonials or case studies. This is of value for both the software company and your business. How about creating a story to show how your company has delivered efficient asstet tracking and invoicing in a mini case study?

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Another way to earn links is if your website gives visitors exactly what they’re looking for and provides valuable information they will want to share with their friends. You will gradually build links as people write about your content. This is a well-earned and highly prized link.

With a useful website, providing a good service and interesting content, you’ll also find your name and website recommended on social media. Word-of-mouth referrals are now happening online as well as offline. Are you in a position to take advantage?

Writing informative press releases and getting editorial opportunities to guest post to relevant blogs is also another good way to go. You can build highly relevant links from high-authority websites that people will use to discover you.

Your final consideeration might be to take out banneer advertising a bit like Google’s display network. You can pay webmasters to host advertisements for your business, but always be sure to label any links from them as paid to avoid any negtive outcomes.

Marketing Actions

If you do decide to take out an advert on another site (or allow others to advertise on your site), make sure it is clearly labelled as such and the link has rel=”nofollow” attached to it. Alternatively, you could make use of advertising on Google’s display advertising network if you want to get more clicks through to your website from engaged prospects.

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Establish partnerships with complimentary businesses that provide services that could be helpful to your clients. Show your audience how valuable your services are with case studies that link back to your website.

Look for opportunities to be mentioned even on places like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Being recommended on social media will help you to Gain Visibility and get more traffic. The benefit to your search engine rankings is not guaranteed, but at least your reputation will increase.

Paying for advertising can be good, but the site should be one that people who need your services would go to naturally, not put there with the sole purpose of building links in an attempt to increase your rank in search engines.

  • Have a valuable website that people want to show to others

The most important thing you can do is earn your links by providing great content and services that people want to find. This will ensure people want to share your website both on social media and their websites.