Pay Per Click Bidding on Rivals

Hail & Fail

#12 11th May 2017

Rival Schools

Have you ever typed in the name of a company and noticed a lot of adverts above the results for their website? This is because their rivals are buying Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts for that search. This can be a great tactic if you’re trying to pick up new business, but a frustrating one if your business is being targeted. Let’s take a look at both how you can bid on your rivals and how you can counter it. Continue reading “Pay Per Click Bidding on Rivals”

Using PPC Negative Keywords

Hail & Fail

#11 4th May 2017

negative word cloud

Use negative keywords to help make sure you only appear alongside relevant searches that will get more conversions. This easy to understand example comes with tips to make sure your adverts only appear for searches that will deliver you the best possible results. Continue reading “Using PPC Negative Keywords”

Don’t Copy and Paste Terms and Conditions

Hail & Fail

#10 27-4-2017

Terms and Conditions mistake

Make sure you don’t make this one, potentially huge mistake on your website. We show you how to succeed with your Terms and Conditions and why they’re an essential part of your online presence that should never be overlooked. Continue reading “Don’t Copy and Paste Terms and Conditions”