Content Marketing

Take your business to the next level with a comprehensive Content Marketing strategy

Using themes or topics agreed with you, we create original content for your website every month. This can include blog posts, infographics, videos, heavily researched articles, and any other shareable content that you can use on social media.

Your custom content marketing strategy = More Than Venice Grow Visibility strategy

+ Custom marketing strategy covering all platforms

+ Content creation

+ Email marketing

+ Social Media

Not sure where to start? It can be overwhelming at first, but we work with you to establish your goals, your objectives and your KPIs to really grow your business. Breaking everything down into small steps to make it all achievable.

Content Creation

With a strategy in place, we can create the content for you, with you, or share the strategy with your team of choice.

All content is created with the goal of brining you more website traffic and thus more highly qualified leads.

Being consistent is one of the most important things when it comes to content creation.

For blog posts on your website, this consistency doesn’t mean posting at exactly the same time of day every week or month, unless that’s what your specific audience is expecting. It means having enough information around a specific topic, creating content that consistently satisfies curious visitors to your website. Going off on random tangents every blog post is not going to see you get the best results.

For video and podcast content, you should publish new episodes at consistent times and to a set schedule. Monday at 2pm, Sunday at 6am, monthly, weekly, daily, whatever it is, pick your day, time, frequency and stick to it if you want to grow a loyal audience. Publishing once a week on Monday, but not necessarily a specific time is perfectly fine, as long as everyone knows your content will come out every Monday and it does. Get them to hit that bell icon to be notified of new videos!

Content Distribution

Creating content is only the beginning. You need a strong content distribution plan to really see your efforts bear fruit. The great thing about content distribution channels is that you can create content specifically for them. In fact, if you want to make the most of them, content tailored to your content distribution platform is a must.


Email marketing is a great way to reach current customers and prospects with timely and personalised messages. Email is such a great method of content distribution and can be used for unique content, just like a blog post, as well as distributing existing content. Running email campaigns doesn’t have to be complicated and we can help you set up a strategy, content plan, and growth plan to increase your subscriber list. Of course, all work to grow and maintain your email contact list will be done in a GDPR compliant manner.

Social Media

Social Media is probably the best way to distribute your content as widely as possible. You have the ability to reach people on both a personal level and as a brand. Sometimes both of these outcomes can be combined. Although it may be tempting, don’t fall into the trap of trying to be on all channels. Pick one and do it well, putting in the time and work required to build an audience before moving on to another. Think about where your ideal customer will be and start from there.

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