Marketing Business Integration

Integrating marketing with the rest of your business helps your entire operation to grow

You’ll find that a lot of inefficiencies can develop if different departments of your business can’t or don’t work together. Solving these issues will allow your business to reach its full potential or prepare it for sale if you’re looking for an exit strategy.

More than Venice can help you to spot the areas where marketing is able to better integrate with the rest of your business.

Business Processes Integration

You want to increase sales, right? Okay, let’s imagine your marketing department works hard on an integrated campaign to boost sales of your aluminium bronze product. There’s SEO, PPC and social media campaigns thrown into the mix. That’s a lot of work and they drive a lot of traffic to your website and you sell a lot of your aluminium bronze product.

Only problem is, the production manager wasn’t fully aware of just how amazing the results could have been and your procurement department didn’t even give it a second thought. Add into the mix a stockroom that isn’t as organised as it could be.

The Sales team had targets to hit and there were processes in place to satisfy demand, so the marketing team went ahead with a PPC campaign, but as orders started coming through, inefficiencies in the system started to become apparent.

The production manager could order the raw materials needed thanks to the procurement team, but there would be a longer lead time than usual. The production manager could have foreseen this delay and fed that back to the marketing team to limit the number of leads from the campaign if given the opportunity.

Further on in the system, the production team weren’t performing as efficiently as they could have been. Lean project management was spoken about, but not fully applied. In fact, that’s also why the stockroom was disorganised and not ready to provide the ancillary parts needed to produce the aluminium bronze product. Extra supplies were ordered in a panic for things already in stock but that couldn’t be found.

The end result was a delay to new orders taken during the PPC campaign and a knock-on to other, unrelated products because of inefficient production and storage of stock.

This is a simplified example of real-life challenges that cause issues organisations every day.

Imagine the silos in your business and how valuable it would be if they could work more closely together in all areas, not just marketing.

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