Marketing Consultation

Get to the bottom of the sometimes complex nature of marketing strategies and the pros and cons of different approaches with expert marketing consultation.

No problem is unique, but the way it affects your business certainly is. That’s why marketing consultation from an independent observer who knows how to apply effective solutions is invaluable.

Our marketing consultants will then assist you to implement the best tactics to achieve your goals. Timing is often key, and with our guidance, you’ll be able to deploy your marketing messages in a coordinated manner at times that will have the biggest impact on your audience.

Marketing Consultation Outcomes

Here are three valuable things an outside marketing consultant can help you get a clearer understanding of:

  1. Confirm everything is going well
  2. Identify opportunities you and your current partners may have missed
  3. Get advanced warning of storms you may not have seen coming

 All of More Than Venice’s independent consultancy comes with no strings attached to any future work.

Project Consultants

Project consultancy can help you get the strategic element of your marketing campaigns off the ground.

Do you have your eye on a project like a full re-brand, website re-development, social media campaign (paid or organic), email marketing or video marketing campaign up to the new standards? If you don’t have specific experience in the area you’d like to launch the campaign, or would like guidance integrating it with your current marketing, More Than Venice can handle the entire project from start to finish.

Full mix marketing strategies
Website migrations – from one domain name to another
Website consolidation – from many into fewer or a single website
Website re-branding
Social Media re-branding
Business process mapping

Consulting Solutions

Finding innovative solutions to your marketing problems is one of the core deliverables of marketing consultation. If you find yourself stuck for new ideas, or something just isn’t going as you’d planned with your email marketing, for example, More Than Venice can lend a hand.

When you come to More Than Venice for marketing consultancy, you can expect constructive solutions built on best practice and real-world experience of the solutions.

Win With Strategy

Consultancy is independent from any other service offered by More Than Venice, because we believe you should build the clearest picture with be best advice, then go with the solution provider that best matches your situation.

This is because our philosophy is based on helping businesses to develop their own in-house capabilities. More often than not, the solution provider is part of you in-house team and we’ve just helped you both to grow.

Contact us to get your free initial consultation.

We deliver services including monthly consultancy starting with as little as 2 hours of consultancy plus one hour of project delivery (management, setup, design, copywriting etc.) With packages to fit all needs and budgets which can be combine with other marketing services to really grow your business.

Check out the latest marketing topics our chief marketing consultant Theodore Bigby has covered most recently in our blog. They represent just a handful of the subjects he’s able to advise you on.