Pay-Per-Click Advertising

New leads for your business

A well planned and executed pay per click (PPC) campaign can help you land qualified leads at a cost effective rate.

More Than Venice works with you to find your best keywords, targeting each part of the sales funnel. Optimise your account and start running your campaign.

PPC campaigns can help you achieve your goals to get more of the right people:

  • Looking at your content
  • Signing up for notifications
  • Making purchases

Achieve your business goals with uniquely crafted campaigns using:

  • Google PPC
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Facebook Advertising

Effective PPC Campaigns

To run an effective PPC campaign, the most important thing is to understand who your audience is, how they’re trying to find you and what success looks like. There are also key differences between PPC campaigns that rely on a user making a search and PPC campaigns designed to be placed in front of a person based on demographic factors.

Understanding your audience

Understanding your audience means looking at who currently buys from you, or potential new audiences. How much budget do they have? Where do they live? Where can they be found online? Sometimes the audience you want will be found on a particular platform because they prefer it or will be more receptive to your message while they’re using it.

Discovering how people find you

Discovering how people find you relies on understanding your business keywords. But especially in a PPC campaign, not every keyword was created equal. Some words attract the wrong search intent.

An example would be of people who are just looking for information as opposed to handing over the cash for your product or service, assuming that was the desired outcome. You need to filter out the people you don’t want to click and attract more of the people ready to buy now.

If your campaign is about building brand awareness, the keywords will more often be framed around questions. You may also want to choose social media channels instead of search, though Google’s display network can be a brilliant and cost-effective way to build awareness.

Measuring success

Measuring success with transactional campaigns designed to make sales, getting a full picture of success requires that a value is ascribed to each lead before the campaign begins. From there, you can decide an acceptable amount of money to put towards your campaign on a per lead basis.

Now you know your budget and how much each lead is worth to your business, track the campaign to see how well it’s preforming.

Effect Of Great PPC Campaigns

The Effect of great PPC campaigns on your business can be huge. They help you get products and services off the ground, increase sales and ultimately, Gain Market Share.

Especially for companies selling physical products, as your PPC campaigns gain traction and start to attract the right prospects, the opportunity to improve internal procedures to make more sales more efficiently may arise. If this becomes the case, improvements to sales or customer service are often the next logical step.

When More Than Venice manage PPC campaigns, we work with you to establish how much throughput would be appropriate for your business. Results are managed in order to avoid overwhelming your business.

Improving Through Staff Feedback

Effective PPC campaigns get feedback from staff to help understand where they can become more efficient.

Any staff members working on the telephone need to know how best to handle calls that come in from PPC adverts. Everyone receiving a call from the general public becomes a member of the sales team by default, but the first line of staff may be your customer service and order takers, not your dedicated sales team, who have a different skillset.

Sales team feedback

If calls will be routed directly to your sales team, are they accustomed to working with the type of warm leads that come from a successful PPC (or even SEO) campaign? It’s important to help them understand that PPC advertising is there to help them make more money. If the leads aren’t working for them, they need to give feedback on that and that feedback must be fed back into the top end of the funnel. Getting their feedback, we can  make adjustments to the PPC campaign, delivering you even more success.

One of the most important questions to ask your sales team is ‘what’s the close rate?’ The answer to this question changes the amount you’re able to bid because it has either a positive or negative effect on your real cost of bidding (RCOB).

Improve using PPC campaign feedback

Everything we learn from staff feedback is then used to inform decisions made at the top end of the PPC process.

Understanding the close rate and RCOB, you can better assess why a deal was or wasn’t closed and use that to improve the keywords, demographic targeting, time of day adverts are placed or even which platforms you place ads on. Understanding and recording prospect journeys is essential to improving the efficacy of your PPC campaigns.

Successful conversions need to be recorded as effectively as unsuccessful ones. They help us to measure which keywords and search intent are best for your business.

Getting a load of cheap clicks with prospects who take the time of your sales team but result in few conversions and a low customer lifetime value always represent a poor investment when compared with getting very few clicks, but the prospects who do click and spend time with your sales team have a long lifetime value. Your costs overall will be lower.

This is why we work with you to understand fully what works and what doesn’t. Your success is our success.

Get your customers clicking, contact us for a solution.