Your business deserves a marketing agency invested in your success

All More Than Venice services are designed to help you Get Online, Grow Visibility and Gain Market Share.

Placing your website at the heart of your lead generation machine, we help you reach your target audience, positioning you as their first choice.

Identifying and tracking your KPIs and metrics across all channels including your website comes first. Next, More Than Venice will develop your marketing strategy and customised content production plan.

Every month, you receive a full consultation on how marketing is progressing and how we’ll continue growth together.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the act of promoting your business to your target audience online.

Once your business is online with a website developed with SEO in mind, you’re ready to Grow Visibility and Gain Market Share. There are hundreds of ways to get the attention of the audience(s) most likely to become your customer, spread across advertising networks, social media, news distribution and even creating your own apps.

Search Engine Optimisation

Get your website on page one for valuable keywords with the most popular search engines. Optimise technical on-site elements to make sure your website is quick and allows search engine robots to get to all of your pages efficiently.

Track the progress of your website in search engines, with reports on the exact rank for your most valuable keywords. Research on your competitor’s keywords and how they rank in comparison to your website is also important in measuring your progress and developing your SEO strategy.

Building links through content marketing and distributing valuable content on social media is the best way to improve your SEO. The content not only ranks highly because of its quality, it grows in rank over time thanks to being shared widely and being linked to by other websites.

Online Lead Generation

The audience you attract are leads generated by your online marketing activity. The most popular and best-known form of online lead generation is Content Marketing. Creating content tailored to the needs of your audience that demonstrates your value and result in a pipeline of warm leads. Your warm leads can then either buy directly from your website, or because they’re further down the sales funnel, making it easer for your sales team to close if that’s part of your sales process.

Track Your Results

The beauty of digital marketing, is that everything can be tracked precisely. It’s now much easier and cheaper to find specific audiences and deliver marketing messages to them.

More Than Venice can help you create and refine your customer journey and sales funnel, something which is unique to every business. Track prospect engagement levels with your content through each stage, see what’s working and continue to develop your strategy around that.

Do you know who your target audience is and how to track them? We offer a free initial consultation with our marketing consultancy  service to help you get started.