Standard Operating Procedures

Creating a business that works at scale

One of the features most often absent from new businesses, startups and even established SMEs, are standard operating procedures.

Some organisations may implement some form of procedures as a box checking exercise when they want to attain an ISO 90001 certification, but then go back to operating without them. However, a quality management system is an essential part of growing your business.

Focusing on a process driven approach to marketing, striving for continual improvement as standard, you will witness an increase in customer service levels. With higher customer service levels comes higher satisfaction and retention levels.

Developing a more efficient business through the implementation of effective processes also means time and cost savings. The ability to train new team members more efficiently, established team members will be able to temporarily cover their colleague’s duties and by spotting inefficiencies in processes, you will save time, money and physical resources.

Implement standard operating procedures

  • The path to accreditation becomes easier
  • Make your business work more efficiently
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase profit margins
  • Grow company valuation

Improve Marketing Training

More than Venice well help you to map every marketing process in the most simple, basic form, then build a written Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document anyone can follow. This is especially useful for new staff members.

New marketing team members have a lot to learn, but with SOPs to guide them on official procedures, you can significantly reduce the time busy staff need to take out of their day to coach them.

Your department doesn’t need to go dark

Need staff to cover another position? Experienced staff who lack specific knowledge in another area of the business can step in and do the job of say, your marketing executive, scheduling social media posts, sending email campaigns, recording statistics from Google analytics. Marketing can take a holiday or tend to that last minute emergency and you know your business won’t crash and burn.

Expand To Other Departments

More than just marketing, More Than Venice can help you map out and produce SOPs for all areas of your business. SOPs not only help you internally, but also the the customer facing side of your business.

SOPs help to create an efficient organisation that can deliver a consistent level of service to your customers. When brought together, this will increase the productivity, profit margins and value of your organisation.

Start building your SOPs

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